Pistachio Cannoli
Crunchy shell with creamy zesty ricotta.
Espresso + Gelato = Afogato
Double shots of espresso poured over vanilla gelato.
Lady fingers cookie soaked in espresso layerd with Sweet Creamy Mascarpone more espresso and cocoa powder between
Chocolate Croissant
Buttery flaky pastry with dark chocolate with in


The Bakery

Clermont Bakery

Four Palates is a hidden gem that has taken root in the heart of Cagan Crossing, in Clermont FL. 

The nostalgia small town bakery with big aspiration using simple ingredients to make the best organic flavours one can imagine while drawing inspiration from near and far.  Our products are made daily in house which ranges from savoury to sweet, like our Tiramisu, Chocolate Ganache cake, Coconut cake to our signature Herb Focaccia Bread and 4 Cheese Bacon Bread.

Our secret is the meticulous search for the right but simple ingredients Milk, Cream, Eggs, Sweeteners and the appropriate fresh seasonal fruits as need for flavorings used in our recipes.

We love few things more than a perfect slice of cake, so we only put the best ingredients in our baked goods. Most of the items are made with less than five ingredients, and none of them has any wacky gums and stabilizers you’ll find in other pastry shop or big box bakery.

“No meal is complete without a strong cup of coffee and Dessert. You can have Your cake and eat it too."

Chef Hugh

Custom Cakes


We are a small bakery and limit the amount of cakes taken per week. The more advance time given to prepare and plan your cake, the better. 


Our cakes frosting and fillings are made from scratch when ordered and customized according to our client’s taste and design.

Because no two cakes are alike, the pricing will vary depending on the design required.  The standard price per slice is $5.75 buttercream, and $7.25 for fondant cakes and increases based on the intricacy of the design. 

Please note: 

Wedding and Quinceañera are not considered standard cakes and or events.


The popular style chosen are, Naked and Semi-Naked, Buttercream and Fondant Cakes.

Black and Gold Cake design

"Amazing selection of Homemade breads all made in house.

hand-baked fresh daily

Wholesale enquiries

A Small town Bakery making giant strides providing wholesale artesian and soft pan breads to the community.  We are experts bakers, but students of the craft of making artisan bread, baguettes, brioche, boules, focaccia, sourdough, and more. As the chosen wholesale bakery for restaurants and cafes.  We start every morning recreating the experience of fresh bread baking that lingers in the Olfactory memory of many.  If you are looking for the best breads and/or pastries in Clermont or Central Florida we are here for you.  Stop in and enjoy the aroma.

Breakfast Hours

Tuesday – Friday :     9 am – 3 pm

Saturday- Sunday:  8 am – 3 pm


Regular Store Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 8 pm

Sunday  : 8 am – 7 pm

Mondays’ – CLOSED


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